Cucina’s Fine Hudson Valley Catering is Simply Incredible

When you seek a caterer in the beautiful Hudson Valley area, it is because something special is about to happen. Your daughter’s Woodstock wedding day, a 50th anniversary, a business celebration, a special time for large gatherings of family, friends and co-workers. Your unique event may also be smaller and very intimate – a family reunion, a milestone party, a fun spur of the moment get together for
old friends. It will always be a day important to you!

The catered food presented should be interwoven into the style of the event, and the natural ambiance of the Hudson Valley. Our Cucina appetizers and Hors d’Oeuvres set the Woodstock stage with creations that will spark culinary delight conversations. Prompt, pleasant and professional servers, always in tune with the essence of your affair, will attend to all your wonderful guests. When the initial social mixing time winds down, everyone’s focus is centered on one thing – the main course of food about to be served. There is always anticipation, and often conversational speculation on what the chosen menu will be. Like the moment right before the curtain goes up, your caterer is about to enter the spotlight! That is where Cucina of Woodstock shines, and leaves the audience completely satisfied and amazed with our unique and inspiring culinary performance. Hudson Valley Woodstock catering cuisine at it’s absolute best.

A Hudson Valley Memorable Catered Event

Everyone knows that food makes the day of the special party truly amazing, and continues the event forever as a happy and wonderful memory for all of your cherished guests.

From the moment your guests arrive, to after the grand finale of dark roasted coffee and wonderful desserts when they say their goodbyes to family, friends and new acquaintances – they will all be treated to a catering world of excellence, one that they have never experienced before.

Let our staff at Cucina make it easy for you – call us so we can creatively prepare for your Hudson Valley catered affair. We can expertly discuss menu choices, your upcoming event budget, the size and style of your party – and all the ideas in your imagination as you anticipate your special day. Our historic 19th century restored barn is also available as an intimate Woodstock, NY catering venue possibility.

And we know how to make your incredible ideas become real, and all your wishes come true. Our Woodstock contemporary Italian food will inspire everyone at your party to have the time of their lives, and savor the moment.

Your guests will be thrilled to know that your party is catered by Cucina of Woodstock, New York.

Please contact Erin Winters GM / Catering Director